Oplon Application Delivery Controller: uncompromising security and reliability

Oplon Application Delivery Controller: uncompromising security and reliability

2021-03-23 -
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A structured company can no longer do without guarantees on the safety, performance and reliability of the systems it uses.

When you are looking for maximum reliability, without any compromise, there is only one way out, namely Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

This tool allows you to make reliable, measurable and secure web services normally used via the Internet.

What are the advantages of the Application Delivery Controller?

Before understanding how this solution works, it is good to frame the typical situations in which it can give the best results.

The Application Delivery Controller allows structured organizations to protect and make reliable internet services that must be always active 24 hours a day every day of the year.

In short, the ADC is an IT miracle that makes it possible to use a service without having to plan for setbacks or system failures that could heavily impact the operability and productivity of the business team involved.

The basic characteristics of the ADC, therefore, is equipped for making the services truly reliable, measuring their performance and last but not least, guaranteeing safety throughout the time of use.

Who are the main stakeholders?

Let's try to imagine an ideal scenario.

Firstly, we find the user, that is, an operator of any level of a company who must use a specific service. We could visualize this first actor all the way to the left.

Secondly, we have the service that must be used. Obviously, this is some web solution usually in the cloud that, although efficient, is subject to malfunctions due to various potential problems. We visualize this component on the right.

At this point, our third player joins the game: the Application Delivery Controller, beating the field and placing itself in the middle. In this way it stands between the user and the service, taking the game by storm.

In this way, the user will no longer have to worry about whether the service guarantees reliability and safety because the task will be carried out directly by the ADC.

This "central" position allows him to choose the most available service at the time of the request and possibly opt for alternative auxiliary solutions in case of unavailability of the primary service.

What environments gain the greatest benefits from ADC?

The environments that today can have important benefits in using the Application Delivery Controller are many and cover a wide range of situations.

There are, for example, the "on premises" environments, that are those systems where the services are installed in datacenters and often directly in the company.

Or "cloud" environments where instead we speak more frequently of SaaS or Web-based software service, software you use over the internet with a web browser.

The services that can be managed with the Application Delivery Controller are for example the reverse proxy functions, the management of digital certificates, the management of SSL/TLS security levels, guarantee operations of business continuity and disaster recovery, traffic analysis and many others.

Ultimately, where you need guaranteed safety, high performance and top-grade reliability, the Oplon ADC becomes an essential solution.