Smart Working: privacy and security thanks to digital certificates

Smart Working: privacy and security thanks to digital certificates

2020-04-20 -
Smart working
Digital certificates

Remote Work (A.K.A. Smart Working), the ability to work outside the office using digital tools, is now more than ever the focus of media attention. In fact, on the one hand it allows the restrictive measures linked to Covid-19 to be respected, on the other hand it gives continuity to companies’ business.

According to the data of the observatory of the Politecnico di Milano (opens in a new tab) on Remote Work, in 2019 the “agile workers” were about 570 thousand. In recent weeks this figure has increased 4-5 times, with numbers set to rise.

Working from home must therefore be achievable quickly and easily, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises less equipped on this front, without turning people into IT experts.

Use business applications securely with digital certificate

A digital certificate is a computer document that allows you to recognize the identity of a user in a computer network, safeguarding the privacy of the worker and the security of business applications.

Precisely in this regard we decided to make our Suite SmartWorking available for free. In this way, companies will have a tool that combines control, usability, simplicity and security in the delivery of applications.

The tutorial we have realized will allow you to create and use a digital certificate directly on your browser, in just two minutes..

With the same certificate you can also work from mobile or on any other platform, taking advantage of Internet standardization and not the peculiarities that require additional installations on the workstations.

How to create and use the digital certificate

If your company works with WEB applications such as SAP or SIEBEL but also infrastructure such as VMware or other applications that use a browser, you just need any personal computer, tablet or mobile to access your business applications exactly as you access YouTube or Facebook, directly with your browser from home or mobile.

With a simple click you upload the digital certificate to your browser and connect directly to the applications. Your company and personal data are safeguarded to work in complete privacy.

The benefits

No installation on the device.

There is no need to change anything on the user’s device. You can connect with any browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera and at the request, confirm the use of the digital certificate.

Company data secure.

All company data is secure because the connection is made via browser. Even if the device is infected by Virus or Malware it is not propagated to the infrastructure with possible compromise of company data.

Operator privacy.

The device you connect to work with can contain videos, photos and personal data. None of this data is shared, even unintentionally, with other colleagues.

How to navigate? The company size is the parameter

The Oplon Smart Working suite solution is highly scalable and allows to organize from home, in a very short time, the activities that previously took place in the office. In this way, work operations that allow remote access are facilitated. In this regard, our offer is tailored to the size of the company: from SMEs to large companies.

Company service is our measure

Three steps to work safely from home

1. Setup Setup is the operation of importing virtual appliances into the company’s infrastructure. The Virtual appliance will see the Internet on one side and the company network on the other. No one without a certificate issued directly by the company will be able to access the company applications.

2. Certificate Header Through the WEB interface of the Virtual Appliance, it is sufficient to indicate the first and last name of the operator to header free of charge a certificate. It is a very simple operation. You can also enter other non-compulsory data such as the operating unit, place of issue and expiry date.

3. E-mail forwarding Once the certificates have been registered, it is sufficient to send them by e-mail to the employees so that they can start working with their browser after opening the attachment with a click.

Smart Working

Working from home or on the move has never been easier, in a word Smart! New tools and innovation skills are needed to cope with the new dynamics.