Oplon Networks, IT security for Grandi Navi Veloci

Oplon Networks, IT security for Grandi Navi Veloci

2022-10-25 -
Oplon Secure Access
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Ensuring secure access to one's services, exposed on the Internet and internally, is now a need for any company to be able to operate in the market. Oplon Secure Access is the integrated solution to handle the challenges of today and the future.

Recent events involving highly critical facilities in health care and public institution services have highlighted the importance of the issue of SECURE ACCESS.

An increasingly emerging problem worldwide, where information system security still uses tools from the 1990s. New technologies must be adopted to replace current ones that have become outdated and unsafe.

For this reason, Oplon Networks, a computer engineering company founded in 2010, is constantly engaged in research and development to improve its proposed solutions and to elevate the security of customers and critical infrastructure. Aware of this, the company GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) relied on Oplon since it had the need, in the words of Bruno Ceradelli, CISO & Privacy Manager at GNV, for "a security solution that is flexible and scalable to various needs", to ensure the delivery of their services.

GNV is a ferry company that is part of MSC group. Now it owns 25 ships, serves 31 lines in 7 countries and 19 harbors, therefore it connects 19 harbors across the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

For GNV Oplon Networks quickly implemented an architectural solution based on Oplon Secure Access components - a series of enterprise products that became the core of critical service delivery for GNV's information systems, securing application access and protecting corporate and passenger data.

The flexibility of configuration of Oplon Secure Access (OSA) has enabled rapid deployment without business interruption.

"We had a need, and an urgency, to find products that would solve our problems in an integrated way. Oplon Networks supported us with enterprise-level products and a technical department that was very knowledgeable, proactive, and able to understand business needs and critical issues," Ceradelli explains, adding, "The products we used allowed us to structure services and improve the security of the B2C environment right away, and then entirely redesign the internet facing infrastructure, adapting it to today's internet publishing needs, both in terms of security and balancing."

Oplon Networks, thank to its competence center, is able to perfectly understand and decline the customer’s needs so much so that, in GNV’s case, it started with solving a specific problem – modernizing the IT security system – and then continued with a broader plan to actualize the company’s infrastructure.

"We started with the bare essentials to solve a specific initial problem, but after touching upon the flexibility and completeness of the solution, we extended the scope," quoting Bruno Ceradelli, who concludes by saying, "We often look to overseas companies when looking for Enterprise solutions, so finding great expertise and competitiveness nationwide was a pleasant discovery, and the fact that all of this is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy is a great pride for the Made in Italy."