Oplon Commander: solutions for multi-cloud operations in complete safety

Oplon Commander: solutions for multi-cloud operations in complete safety

2021-06-08 -

Imagine complex, multi-platform, multi-cloud systems in different versions all requiring an uninterrupted service. A daunting scenario that could alarm any company that now bases its business on digital tools. But once again the solution comes with the Oplon systems, with the Commander Decision Engine and Commander Work Flow systems.

Oplon Commander is a solution created to automate operations involving multiple environments such as local and remote virtual systems together with different cloud vendors. All this without ever losing sight of the progress of the procedures, thanks to the possibility of checking directly on the browser.

Oplon Commander Decision Engine

The Oplon Commander Decision Engine system is a multi-platform distributed scheduler. But what does this actually mean? To explain it, just think of those situations in which we have virtual environments and containers together with multiple automation and orchestration environments such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift or Mesos, with the need to perform complex procedures. Here, in such a complex scenario, anyone could be alarmed or even be held back, but Oplon Commander Decision Engine comes to our aid thanks to its ability to coordinate these environments in a single system.

Its simplicity is one of the most evident pros. The complete website based graphic interface allows you to manage complex and articulated operations without ever losing control. In addition, Oplon Commander Decision Engine has been designed to cooperate with all systems without compatibility limitations between releases: a feature that increases interoperability, drastically decreasing time wasting.

Oplon Decision Engine is integrated with Oplon ADC and this enables it to overcome all the limitations of similar products but still used on storage and databases.

Oplon Commander Work Flow

Oplon Commander Work Flow is a workflow executor, just like they were a list of tasks to be performed in a certain order. In practice it is a scheduler that, at a high level, is able to trigger local and remote procedures, in safety, in the native languages with which they were designed and implemented, with the great advantage of being able to coordinate them in a single tool. As always, Oplon systems are based on very high-security standards and Commander Work Flow can perform operations with great reliability even if distributed across multiple cloud providers and in different environments.

Decision Engine & Work Flow: a team work

The two modules work in absolute harmony. On the one hand, Oplon Commander Work Flow manages workflow. On the other, Oplon Commander Decision Engine triggers operations based on precise events. Analyzed in more detail, The Decision Engine uses a cluster mechanism called "quorum" capable of maintaining data consistency in the event of service unavailability.

The end result is nothing short of surprising: in critical moments the system continues to function correctly without causing data loss. This feature makes it possible to promptly restore the use of the remaining services, or the only active ones.

Oplon Commander, thanks to the Synchronization between the two modules, succeeds in this challenge because it operates at the service level and not at the component or node level, identifying the resource that is no longer available. For this reason, it is able to avoid split-brain phenomena and to confine the dreaded total crash affecting the geographic clusters applied at the storage or database level.

If your environment is constantly changing and must preserve the past and future of your services in a coordinated and highly reliable way, then you won't be able to do without Oplon Commander Decision Engine and Oplon Commander Work Flow.

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