IT security passes through digital certificates

IT security passes through digital certificates

2021-03-04 -
Digital certificates

With the solutions devised by Oplon, even the complex management of IT security has become within the reach of any user and any company, from SMEs to entire regions or states.

The supervision of information security has become a daily routine for companies of any size. The key ingredient to obtaining a secure system is a digital certificate, a kind of license or pass that in the digital world guarantees the verification of the identity of those who are operating.

Guarding the security of the corporate IT system is now a priority for everyone. Just think of the economic damage resulting from a loss of data or the inability to guarantee staff operations. Let's try to imagine the damage that a DATA BREACH would cause. The economic repercussions and credibility would be truly devastating.

So, what is this digital certificate?

Simplifying it as much as possible, it could be defined as an electronic document that confirms the identity of a subject, be it a real person or a company, like an identity card.

This certificate succeeds in its mission as a warrantor of security thanks to the information it contains: the identity of the owner and the digital signature of the body that verified this information, i.e., the Certification Authority (opens in a new tab). We can regard it like our city hall issuing our ID card.

Why are digital certificates safe?

First of all because they make all the information we exchange internally and externally to the company unreadable, encrypting communications. In addition, they guarantee the integrity of the messages: it is not possible for them to be falsified or altered. Another positive feature is reliability given by the Certification Authorities. In this way, the issue of digital certificates cannot be circumvented, ensuring the authenticity of the organizations involved.

How is the use of certificates perceived by our customers?

There is no confusion, indeed certainly more simplification and security that immediately turns into greater trust. Investing in IT security allows users to know that we are thinking first of all about protecting their privacy by defending their data with an extremely effective security system.

Which companies does the certificates suit?

Virtually any company can benefit from using digital certificates. Small and large up to entire states, the company will be able to issue, revoke and renew its certificates easily with the guarantee of complete scalability to be able to protect any device.

Is it difficult to manage digital certificates?

Thanks to the systems designed by Oplon it is possible to have a graphical user interface that allows an average user to create a certificate or a series of certificates in a guided way and in a few steps. There is therefore no longer any excuse to radically change our way of working positively.

In the article "Smart Working: privacy and security thanks to digital certificates" we explain how to create and use digital certificates through our Suite Smart Working.

Put an end to complexity: with Oplon solutions, your company's IT security will become simple and fast!