2-factor authentication: here’s why E-commerce can’t do without it

2-factor authentication: here’s why E-commerce can’t do without it

2021-07-12 -
Strong authentication

The value of digital sales through E-commerce has grown exponentially and with it the number of criminals ready to find any way to exploit the system to commit fraudulent acts against online customers.

Underestimating this safety aspect is now very dangerous. Today there are simple and inexpensive techniques to discover user credentials and have access to all of your sensitive data, including the ability to use your payment methods.

Think about it: if there was a high probability of shoplifting, wouldn't you hire security? The same principle applies to online businesses.

2-Factor Authentication: How Does It Work?

The operating logic is as simple as it is ingenious. Basically, when users try to access their user profile - for example, to complete a purchase - by entering their credentials, they are sent an **identity verification request **directly on their smartphone. At that point the users will have to unlock their mobile phone, thus confirming his identity, and **confirming for the second **time that they actually intend to enter the website in question.

What are the benefits?

  1. Buy with total safety. It is clear that if an attacker were to steal the credentials of one of our customers, he or she would not be able to access the online service. Indeed, the user would receive an access notification alarming immediately of the attempted access, and the user would be able to verify the breach and change the violated password.

  2. Relationship built on trust. Let's try to think what could happen if it were possible to enter the online profiles of all our customers: the damage would be catastrophic, to say the least, and above all almost irreversible. In a few seconds, we would see the trust and loyalty that was built over years, disintegrated, including the pulverization of all our investments.

  3. No disputes on orders. An extremely positive consequence will be the absence of this type of dispute: no one will be able to say that they have not made a purchase or that they haven't authorized it because access with 2-factor authentication is only possible with double identity verification.

Concluding an online purchase directly from a web portal now is an activity that is done even several times during the same day. One question to ask yourself, when directly managing an online service, is: do our customers feel safe shopping on our e-commerce?

**The 2-factor authentication service designed by Oplon **is a simple, **reliable **and above all a **secure solution **able to make us sleep peacefully. With the help of an app installed on your smartphone, you will activate a system that can be integrated with your structure guaranteeing the safety of your customers' purchases, protecting them from unwanted access.

**Ensuring the safety **of access to the reserved area cannot be put aside, it is an issue that must be addressed immediately with extreme haste and effectiveness. Discover with Oplon how to activate the two-factor authentication service and investing in the growth of your business.