Maximum security and zero disputes in… two factors

Maximum security and zero disputes in… two factors

2021-05-31 -
Strong authentication

Concluding an online purchase or consulting services directly from a web portal is now an activity that we carry out daily even several times. But are we really sure we can do it with serenity? Or should we take precautions to avoid being a victim of some scam?

The first step is to authenticate directly on the web portal or in the application we are using. This simple act has been based, for many years now, on the use of a username and password. While initially, it was enough to think of a particularly complex password, today this practice no longer guarantees maximum security because cybercriminals have studied very refined techniques to "steal" our credentials.

The problem becomes truly "mission critical" when we directly manage an online service that requires access to a reserved area. Let's try to think about what could happen if it were possible to enter the online profiles of all our customers: the damage would be catastrophic, to say the least, and above all almost irreversible. In a few seconds we would see the loyalty work that lasted years disintegrated, including the pulverization of all our investments.

But do not panic because even in this case Oplon has thought of a simple, reliable and above all safe solution able to make us sleep peacefully. It is called 2FA and is a two-factor authentication system based on the use of an app installed on the smartphone.

The operating logic is as simple as it is ingenious. Basically, when a user tries to access his reserved area, for example, to complete a purchase, by entering his credentials, he is sent an identity verification request directly on his smartphone. At that point the user will have to unlock his mobile phone, thus guaranteeing his identity, and confirming for the second time that he actually intends to enter the website in question.

It is clear that if an attacker were to steal our credentials, he would not be able to access the online service. Indeed, we would receive a notification of the access attempt, thus being able to alarm and activate to verify what happened, perhaps by immediately changing the violated password.

A positive consequence will be the absence of disputes on this aspect: no one will be able to say that they have not made the purchase or that they have not authorized it because access with Oplon 2FA is only possible with double identity verification. In this way, you can say goodbye to disputes related to the authorship of the purchase.

Underestimating this safety aspect is very dangerous. Today, there are really simple and inexpensive techniques for discovering user credentials. Let's think about it: if there was a high probability of shop theft, wouldn't we hire a guard? The same principle applies to online businesses.

The value of digital sales through e-commerce has grown exponentially and with it the number of criminals ready to find any leaks to be exploited to carry out fraudulent acts. The problem of the security of access to one's private area cannot, therefore, be postponed and must be addressed immediately with speed and effectiveness.

With Oplon 2FA this is what will happen: you will activate a safe, easy and fast system able to guarantee safe purchases for all your customers. Don't risk disputes and unwanted access. Activate a two-factor authentication system, solid, robust and immediate.

Integration with existing systems is made simple through the Oplon Networks app, your problem solver!