Smart Working: access to web applications for large organizations

Smart Working: access to web applications for large organizations

2020-04-30 -
Smart working

Activating access to corporate web applications for large organizations in Smart Working requires the use of procedures capable of making the entire workforce operational by refining, for subsequent steps, the access control.

For an organization that has up to 200, 300 employees, the generation of certificates is made very easy by Oplon ADC and can be done manually by directly directing the digital certificates, in front of a much larger number of collaborators the task must be approached in a different way.

Corporate web applications for large organizations: how long does it take?

The estimated time for the creation of a digital certificate is about 1.5 minutes per single user, a very short time, but if multiplied by 5000 people we find that the time needed to activate access to corporate web applications via Smart Working translates into 15 working days (3 weeks) without considering errors and breaks.

How should a large company organize itself?

To make 5000, 7000 or more people operational immediately, it is necessary to proceed in steps:

  1. Census of operating units: as a first step, the organization’s operating units will be censored, which can be from ten to one or two hundred. This will serve to generate group certificates and then to profile and issue nominal certificates.
  2. Temporary certificates by organizational unit: once the organization’s operating units have been registered, we will proceed with the issuing of group certificates which will be distributed to people in order to make them immediately operational and able to access company applications with a simple browser from your personal computer, tablet or mobile. Group temporary certificates will have a deadline that allows us to use them in the time necessary to create the nominal certificates and distribute them.
  3. Nominal certificates of the organization: once we have put all the staff into production with the group certificates, it is possible to take the time to issue the nominal certificates. To use thousands or millions of certificates it is possible to create one or more root certificates (manager’s certificate capable of validating the identities of the other certificates) and then sign the nominal certificates with the root certificates before distributing them . In this way it will be sufficient to import the root certificate into the system that verifies the credentials, Oplon Application Delivery Controller, and distribute the nominal certificates to the users.

If you proceed by organizational unit it will be possible, once all the nominal certificates of an organization have been generated and distributed, delete the group temporary certificate and allow access only through the nominal certificate.

How to act in practice?

For the creation of nominal certificates it is necessary to census people associating them to the organizational units. Surely HR (Human Resources) can be helpful if you have an updated archive, otherwise you can distribute an excel spreadsheet to the heads of the organizational units in order to easily fill in the list of names with their characteristics.

Once the excel sheets have been returned, all digital certificates can be generated directly with a wizard and signed with the root certificate in a few seconds.

As soon as the creation of the nominal certificates from an excel sheet are finished, it will be sufficient to perform the export of all the nominal certificates which will be ready for a massive distribution.

Automation and experience

Oplon products are used daily in large organizations. Oplon CA Certificates Manager, for example, is a concentrate of technology made simple by the knowledge of the processes that serve to govern large numbers in complex companies.

Our company is and will always be at your side with products and experience in order to achieve the results you expect in a short time.